Claim your water right team on Wednesday 2020 visited LEA Primary school Zhiyinda. This community is known to be the home for the internally displaced person mostly from Borno due to Boko Haram Insurgency. In Zhiyinda community, Many students of school age attend LEA primary school built by the government.

Speaking with the students, the claim your water right team found out that the students have no toilet or source of drinking water in the school. The student stated that they enter a new bush to defecate anytime they want to ease themselves.

This act put the primary school at the risk of snakebite. The student said they get their drinking water from home or from a nearby stream. Taking poor quality water puts the children at the risk of waterborne disease.

With the outbreak of coronavirus,  students in LEA primary school have no access to proper hand washing because they lack water and other hand washing facilities.

The claim your right team sensitizes the students on their human right to water and how they can demand it. In this regard, the students raised their voices to demand their water rights via a short video clip