Best Electronic Charity Christmas Cards

Best UK Charity Electronic Christmas Card Sites 2023

– update 25th June, 2023.
Electronic Christmas cards, popularly known as eCards, is one of the best ways to spread Christmas cheer, support your favourite charity, and be a little kinder to the environment. Sending an electronic Christmas card saves trees that will otherwise be cut down to make paper based cards. Sending an eCard has a further environmental advantage as it is sent directly to the recipient’s inbox. There is no need for further paper usage in the form of envelopes and stamps to post your Christmas cards.
To save you the need of trawling the internet looking for the best charity Christmas ecard websites in 2022; we did the work for you. The sites listed below are mostly eCards websites, but are also charity cards websites. If you find a card listed below that does not have an eCard sending feature; there must be something outstanding about the site for it to have a place on this unique list.

1. Friends of the Earth (FOE) Environmental Organisations

Friends of the Earth probably have the best eCards website online. Apart from the rich gallery of beautiful pictures of every possible animal and insect you imagine; their website is also one of the most user friendly. Their eCards are not just for Christmas, either. You can send awesome pictures of bees, bears, and other stunning animal pictures as an eCard from Friends of the Earth’s website. It is free to use the FOE eCards website, but a donation of a minimum of £5 is suggested.

2. Most Stunning Christmas Cards Photography: Survival International

If you appreciate excellent photography, you will find the Christmas cards at the Survival International online shop to be quite stunning. As a charity, Survival International campaigns for the rights of tribal people all over the world. The charity work comes with some amazingly talented photographers who bring breath-taking pictures of tribal people to life. One hundred percent of the profits from their tribal Christmas cards goes to fund their work. They are yet to have an online eCard facility, but if you order cards or other items worth more than £40, postage is free.

3. Water Poverty Alleviation Charity: Hope Spring eCards

Hope Spring eCards has, offer the years, established itself as one of the best UK ecard platforms. Their website boasts traditional Christmas eCards such as a picture of a robin redbreast, a surrealist picture of a reindeer in a Christmas jumper, and other interesting Christmas and winter themed eCards. You can send any of these eCards for a minimum donation of £4. They also offer free charity ecards which can be sent using their monthly promo code.

4. Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children

This is probably the most popular children’s hospital in the world. They have a range of beautifully designed eCards, most of which have been created by children who are or were clients of the hospital. The eCards offered at the Great Ormond Street eCards website include animated eCards featuring popular Christmas themes such as reindeer, snowmen, Santa Claus and, of course, various cute animals such as cats and dogs.

5. Royal Society for the Protection of Animals

As you would expect, animals feature strongly in RSPCA eCards. Other than the cats and dogs; donkeys are also featured because of the significance of a donkey in the nativity scene. In addition to eCards based on images provided by RSPCA, you can upload a picture of your own pet, customise it, and send it as an eCard on the RSPCA eCards platform. There is no charge for using the RSPCA eCards platform, but you are certainly welcome to donate.

6. The Sick Children’s Trust

The Sick Children’s Trust is one of the few charities that support sick children as they recover from illnesses. The charity also provides support to each child’s family. They offer a wide range of well-crafted eCards that cost £5 each to send to your colleagues or loved ones.

7. Card Aid Charity Christmas Cards & eCards

Card Aid is almost like a comparison engine for charity Christmas cards and eCards. The website helps registered charities sell their Christmas cards. The eCards section allows visitors to send an eCard and nominate any of the charities registered on Card Aid to receive a donation. The eCards section of the site contains dozens of well-designed eCards, featuring a wide range of Christmas themes. The eCard based photography contains some stunning photographs of winter themes that you will be proud to send to everyone on your Christmas card list.

8. Water Aid Christmas eCards

Water Aid is probably the most popular water charity in the UK. They work worldwide in helping water poor communities to access clean drinking water and sanitation. Their eCards website features beautiful graphics, pictures, and videos of some of their work and people they have helped. You can send static images or animated eCards from their website. As with almost all the charities that provide free eCards; they welcome donations to their cause from users of their eCards.

9. McMillan Cancer Support eCards

The McMillan Cancer Support eCards site features some of the best animated Christmas eCards online. Though the choice of available Christmas eCards is not wide, the few they offer are quite remarkable. You can customise a beautifully animated Christmas bauble, choose an eCard of a black Scottish terrier, and other well-designed eCards. As with some eCards websites, the recipient of your eCard will have to visit the McMillan Cancer Support eCard site to collect their eGreeting. This site contains features most other eCards sites do not include, such as the option to send an eCard in Welsh as well as allowing you to upload your company logo if you are sending the eCard on behalf of a company.

10. Marie Currie eCards

The Marie Curie eCards site is one of the online charity eCards shop that display some of the reasons why eCards beat traditional cards; no stamp required. You can send beautifully designed, traditional Christmas eCards from this user-friendly eCard site. Their eCards are priced from £0.50 pence per recipient of each eCard sent by you.

This is an excellent list to help you get started on selecting your personal eCards for the holidays while also taking part in helping some very worthwhile charities. As you can see, there is something for everyone!

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