Hope Spring crowdfunder on Donr

Hope Spring crowdfunder on Donr

Hope Spring, a charity specialising in providing clean water to poor communities in Africa, has launched a crowdfunding
campaign in the hope of raising £500 to fund the construction of a borehole in a poor village in Nigeria by the name of
Gaa Dare.
Currently, the women and children of Gaa Dare have to walk a distance of over two miles to fetch water; the need for this
arduous and time-consuming trip would be removed by the construction of a hand-pump powered borehole. This would
allow the children to attend school, gain an education and break the cycle of poverty, as well as ensure that the
community has access to clean, safe water to help prevent water-borne diseases.

Lack of clean water has grave consequences and infants and young children are particularly susceptible to
water borne diseases. This results in very high infant mortality rates, in fact, the UN estimates that a child
dies every minute due to not having clean water. Empowering communities such as Gaa Dare by
constructing a borehole allows them to prevent diseases and save time and lives.

If you want to support this initiative, you can do so by donating to the Hope Spring crowdfunding campaign.
The campaign uses the new crowdfunding platform Donr, where those who wish to help make the dream
of clean water a reality for the people of Gaa Dare can donate to help end the cycle of water poverty and
free women and children from fetching water from sources located miles away from their home. Even a
small donation can go a long way, help save lives by donating today!

You can find more information about Hope Spring and their clean water projects on this page.

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