5K Fun Run at Queenswood

5K Fun Run at Queenswood

We are so lucky that we can turn on the tap without thinking about it. The Hope Spring family 5k Fun Run will raise funds to transform the lives of women and children who currently need to walk miles every day to fetch water that might not even be clean. You can run, jog or walk with your whole family on Sunday 14 October. Our beautiful 5k course winds around Queenswood’s autumn colours. So enjoy yourself while raising awareness and funds for Hope Spring’s water projects.

During the summer holidays ‘Team Waveney’ raised money by walking the same distance as women and children in Nigeria, adding up to 30 litres of water halfway through their walk. Tara and her friends found it made them mindful of how much water they use at home and how they could use less. Just the five litres used for some washing up is so heavy for a child to carry.
There are so many easy ways to improve your water use:

* Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth! Leaving the tap on for two minutes can waste 20 litres
• Put a hippo bag in your toilet cistern
• Take showers instead of baths, and switch from a power shower to an aerated shower head
There will be more information at the Fun Run about how you can monitor and improve your water use at home (and save money).

There will also be a water refill station so you’ll stay perfectly hydrated without using throw-away bottles.
Queenswood will be a hive of activity on the day of the Fun Run. A market is selling a range of food, gifts and household products to help your life become plastic-free. Workshops will help you make a beeswax food wrap and carve a wooden spoon, plus learn about the impact permaculture can have on your relationships. Kids Kitchen will have the pizza oven fired up. There will also be art installations by students at Hereford College of Art. If the Fun Run isn’t enough exercise for you, there are also participatory walks to help you discover your artistic side, learn about plans to make Queenswood more sustainable and uncover some stories from Queenswood’s past.

So put it in your diary – a chance to enjoy yourself and improve the lives of people without access to safe water. For more details and to register, please visit Hope Spring’s website or facebook.

For more details contact 01981 541339 or events@hopespring.org.uk