February the 14th is widely celebrated as Valentine’s Day all over the world. It’s a common tradition among people to send Valentine’s greeting cards, and Valentine’s gifts to their partners, friends and loved ones. While all these are common knowledge, the fact that St Valentine, the patron saint of love is also known as the patron saint of beekeepers is not yet known by many. 

According to Hope Spring water charity trustee and natural beekeeper, Temi Odurinde “ Legend has it that St. Valentine, as a patron saint of beekeepers,  had a double task of protecting beekeepers and making sure that the honey made by the bees is sweet.” Mr Odunride, who is also an author of a natural beekeeping guide book for beginners,  while acknowledging the more widely understanding of St. Valentine by people, added “ Hope Spring Valentine’s eCard is essentially two-in-one gifts; you send a Valentine greeting to someone special to you and  the donation you made in the process is a gift of water”.

Hope Spring undertakes various clean water projects across West African communities that lack access to this basic necessity and the charity funds these projects with donations made by people who send ecards on their ecard platform. 



One Saint, Two Causes

As already implied, the connection between St Valentine, the patron saint of love and  beekeepers may not be what most people have knowledge about. However, the unique sweetness of honey and the beautiful, sweet sensation we experience from being in love with someone that makes us send him or her Valentine’s gifts or Valentine’s ecard is widely known.

St Valentine has somewhat made it easy for us to create a connection between honey and love. To connect and celebrate love and relationship with the craft of beekeeping as well as honey – all of which are united thanks to patron saint, Hope spring charity trustee and natural beekeeper, Temi Odurinde  has vowed that all the proceeds from the sales  of his natural beekeeping book will be donated to Hope spring Water on Valentine’s Day. 

Another interesting connection  we can observe between beekeeping and Valentine’s Day is that love, romance and relationships are celebrated on February 14th, when the hint of spring is beginning to show itself. The beekeeping calendar starts in spring, when the bees emerge from their winter hibernation.



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