Herefordshire based clean water advocacy NGO, Hope Spring is participating in United Nations world water day 2023, clean water advocacy event titled  #HearingTheUNHeardHRWS. The event was organised to coincide with World Water Day 2023, on the 23rd of March 2023.  The advocacy consists of various event and action, which are all promoted under the hashtag #HearingTheUnHeardHRWS.

Hope Spring contribution and participation in the event centres around their advocacy for a community in Nigeria called Ulena Alewa Apo, a one hundred and fifty people strong community that lacks access to safe clean drinking water. The women and children of the village travel several miles to fetch from a dirty stream, wasting a large part of their productive time.

The community especially the children are exposed to water borne illnesses. Mr Akilu, a resident of Unape community said ¨”We have a problem in terms of water, the water we are using is the same water cows are using. After the cows drink, they urinate inside and we don’t have access to other water, so we are forced to drink the same contaminated water used to water livestock.¨

Hope Spring has written to the appropriate authorities in the district this community is under Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) Abuja.  But not expecting anything to be done about providing them with water. So, Hope Spring has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help the community. You can find more information about crowdfunding for Unape Alewa and make a donation on this page.

Hope Spring has already raised half of the funds needed to construct the Unape Alewa borehole project from funds raised by its whatsapp charity ecard platform Hope Spring eCards.  The charity hope to use the #HearingTheUnHeardHRWS event and other UN World Water day related events to raise the remaining half of the funds needed to help the community to have their own clean water source. 

Nigeria based clean water and period poverty alleviation advocate, Bolu Olorunfemi was the first person to bring the plight of the Alewa Apo community to the attention of Hope Spring water. She has been working with other members of the Hope Spring team to ensure the dream of clean water for the community is realised.   For more information on how to get involved, get in touch with Hope Spring via their website .